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Train the CNA Trainer

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Professional, on-demand training for Nursing Professionals
Train the CNA Trainer
Train the CNA Trainer is a practical, convenient online course for Licensed Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practicing Nurses (LPNs) to become Certified CNA Instructors. With a focus on the characteristics of adult learners, teaching methodologies, course design, and evaluation tools, this course prepares RNs and LPNs to successfully teach Nursing Assistants (NAs) and Medical Assistants (MAs).​​
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The only ​multi-state CNA Instructor Certification available

5 Accredited Contact Hours

The 'Train the CNA Trainer' program allows RNs & LPNs to fulfill state requirements for teaching Nursing Assistant's and/or Medication Aides and become Certified CNA Instructors. 

Our accredited Certificate of Completion is accepted by over a dozen states and does not expire

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See What Nurses Are Saying About the Course:
  1. Wendi Schaefer, RN, BSN
    "Train the CNA Trainer was a great course. The instructor is very knowledgeable & provided me with a positive learning experience. I have a much better understanding of how to improve my teaching methods. I would definitely recommend this course to other educators."
  2. Deborah H., LPN -North Carolina
    "Being able to take this course online, from home and on my own time was great! And so was the information. Thank You!"
  3. Nicole L., RN, MSN -Texas
    "I took this course to become a better teacher and expand my career prospects. This Certification doesn't expire and will allow me to teach in other states in case I move in the future. I'm glad I made the investment."
  4. Cynthia B., RN, BSN -Florida
    "I'm able to take the information and immediately apply it to teaching my CNA students. As an educator, there were things I didn't know on how I approach the students in class and during lecture. The material was excellent."